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Below are samples of our  work. Click an image or link to see more information.

Mediterranean Vista
Painted on canvas and installed in the client's homeSize:  14' x 3'

KokesMural/KokesMural_2_12-10copy.jpg KokesMural/KokesMural12-10copy.jpg

The Great Inner Sanctum

Painted in the client’s three story foyer and great hall. Size: 28’ x 146’

InnerSanctum/thegreatinnersanctum-l.jpg InnerSanctum/thegreatinnersanctum-d.jpg InnerSanctum/thegreatinnersanctum-c.jpg InnerSanctum/thegreatinnersanctum-b.jpg
InnerSanctum/thegreatinnersanctum-a.jpg InnerSanctum/thegreatinnersanctum-k.jpg InnerSanctum/thegreatinnersanctum-j.jpg InnerSanctum/thegreatinnersanctum-i.jpg
InnerSanctum/thegreatinnersanctum-h.jpg InnerSanctum/thegreatinnersanctum-g.jpg InnerSanctum/thegreatinnersanctum-f.jpg InnerSanctum/thegreatinnersanctum-e.jpg

Corporate Logo


Conversion of the Gods

This mural was painted on stretched canvas for a corporate headquarters atrium. Size: 8' x 6'

ConversionGods/conversionofthegods-4.jpg ConversionGods/conversionofthegods-3.jpg ConversionGods/conversionofthegods-2.jpg ConversionGods/conversionofthegods-1.jpg

Tropical Live Oaks

This mural was painted in a residential dining room. The subject matter was taken from the landscape surrounding the client's home. Size: 8' x 28', encompassing three walls.

LiveOaks/liveoaks-5.jpg LiveOaks/liveoaks-4.jpg LiveOaks/liveoaks-3.jpg LiveOaks/liveoaks-2.jpg

Hudson River Hallway

A mural covering five separate walls in a client's hallway. Size: 9' x 35'

HudsonHallway/hudsonriverhallway5.jpg HudsonHallway/hudsonriverhallway4.jpg HudsonHallway/hudsonriverhallway3.jpg HudsonHallway/hudsonriverhallway2.jpg

Gothic Castle

Painted in the client's great room leading up the sweeping staircase. Size: 22' x 123'

GothicCastle/gothiccastle-g.jpg GothicCastle/gothiccastle-f.jpg GothicCastle/gothiccastle-e.jpg GothicCastle/gothiccastle-d.jpg
GothicCastle/gothiccastle-c.jpg GothicCastle/gothiccastle-b.jpg GothicCastle/gothiccastle-a.jpg

Tropical Sunset

Painted in the dome of the client's circular living room. Size: 22' in diameter.

TropSunset/tropicalsunset-4.jpg TropSunset/tropicalsunset-3.jpg TropSunset/tropicalsunset-2.jpg TropSunset/tropicalsunset-1.jpg

Arabian Tent

A desert tent mural painted on all four walls and ceiling of a child's room. Size: 12' x 14'

ArabianTent/arabiantent-3.jpg ArabianTent/arabiantent-2.jpg ArabianTent/arabiantent-1.jpg

Scenic Lake View Landscape

Painted on canvas and installed in the client's dining room about the chair rail moulding. Size: 6' x 31'



A mural painted in a dome with Trompe L'oeil broken architecture in a classical theme. Size: 12'

Admiration/admiration4.jpg Admiration/admiration3.jpg Admiration/admiration2.jpg Admiration/admiration1.jpg

Trompe L'oeil Scroll Ceiling

Painted on canvas and installed on the ceiling in the client's great room. Size: 2 canvases - 8' x 5'

TrompeCeiling/trompeloeilscrollceiling-2.jpg TrompeCeiling/trompeloeilscrollceiling-1.jpg

Venetian Fresco

Painted in client's master bathroom suite using oil paint and Venetian plaster. Size: 9' x 24'

VenetianFresco/venetianfresco-6.jpg VenetianFresco/venetianfresco-5.jpg VenetianFresco/venetianfresco-4.jpg VenetianFresco/venetianfresco-3.jpg

Hawaiian Foyer

Four murals that were painted in the client's front foyer.
Size: Mural under the spiral staircase, 9' x 15'
Two murals in the arch shaped mouldings, 8' x 6'
Ceiling mural, 7' in diameter

HawaiiFoyer/hawiianfoyer-5.jpg HawaiiFoyer/hawiianfoyer-4.jpg HawaiiFoyer/hawiianfoyer-3.jpg HawaiiFoyer/hawiianfoyer-2.jpg

Trompe L'oeil Architecture Illusion
No wood moulding or columns were used to paint this archway in the client's foyer. Size: 12' x 9'


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