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Murals 2

Below are samples of our  work. Click an image or link to see more information.

Theatrical Sky with Ascending Architecture

Painted on the ceiling of the client's main hall. Trompe L'oeil mouldings were painted to match the existing architecture. Size: 16' x 5'

TheatricalSky/theatricalSky-3.jpg TheatricalSky/theatricalSky-2.jpg TheatricalSky/theatricalSky-1.jpg

Tuscany Landscape

Italian landscape mural with Trompe L'oeil carved stone frame. Size: 5' x 8'



Painted on canvas and installed in arched panel over the client's fire place. Size: 14' x 4'


Florentine Sweeping Rotunda

Painted on a curved staircase in the client's foyer. Size: 18' x 16'

Rotunda/sweepingrotunda-3.jpg Rotunda/sweepingrotunda-2.jpg Rotunda/sweepingrotunda-1.jpg

The Roman Bath

Architectural mural painted in a client's master bathroom. Size: 22' x 10'

RomanBath/romanbath-2.jpg RomanBath/romanbath-1.jpg

Carved Archway and Marble Pillars

Stone carvings painted on the face of the arch and the pillars were marbleized in cabernet with capitals finished in gold leaf.

CarvedArchPillars/carvedstonepillars-2.jpg CarvedArchPillars/carvedstonepillars-1.jpg

Carved Stone with Sky in Tray Ceiling

Painted on canvas and installed in the tray ceiling with mouldings painted into marble. Size: 1 canvas 8' x 5'; 2 canvases 4' x 6'

CarvedStoneTrayCeling/carvedstonetrayceiling2.jpg CarvedStoneTrayCeling/carvedstonetrayceiling1.jpg

Tropical Peel-Away

Walls are peeling away to reveal a life size landscape. Painted in client's great room around fireplace. Size: 21' x 24'

TropPeelAway/tropicalpeelaway-8.jpg TropPeelAway/tropicalpeelaway-7.jpg TropPeelAway/tropicalpeelaway-2.jpg TropPeelAway/tropicalpeelaway-1.jpg
TropPeelAway/tropicalpeelaway-5.jpg TropPeelAway/tropicalpeelaway-4.jpg TropPeelAway/tropicalpeelaway-3.jpg

Scottish Castle

Landscape with a castle, oil on canvas, installed in the client's living room. Size: 5' 16'

ScottCastle/scottishcastle-2.jpg ScottCastle/scottishcastle-1.jpg

The Guilded Sky

A Mural painted on the ceiling of the client's master bedroom. The frame and medallion were constructed of wood and composition then guilded with gold leaf. Size: 12' x 7' 

GuildedSky/guildedsky-2.jpg GuildedSky/guildedsky-1.jpg

Battle of the Fantastics

Oil on canvas 48” x 87” Painted on canvas and installed on client’s bedroom ceiling.


Mediterranean Seascape

Painted for a client's drawing room. The frame was constructed of wood then painted into marble and red granite. Size: 14' x 7'

MediLandscape/mediterraneanseascape-3.jpg MediLandscape/mediterraneanseascape-2.jpg MediLandscape/mediterraneanseascape-1.jpg

Lagoon Paradise

Tropical mural with life size parrot, Trompe L'oeil plantation shutters and mouldings. Size: 6' x 14' 

TropLagoon/lagoonparadise-2.jpg TropLagoon/lagoonparadise-1.jpg

Grand Rocky Mountain Landscapes

Painted on canvas and installed in the client's grand foyer. Size: 2 canvases - 8' x 5'

GrndRockyLndscp/grandrockiemountainsfoyer2.jpg GrndRockyLndscp/grandrockiemountainsfoyer1.jpg

Dolphin and Sharks

Underwater scene painted for corporate client's private sauna. Painted on canvas and installed into mouldings. Size: 2 - 6' x 11' panels and 13' dome.

DolphinShark/dolphinsharks3.jpg DolphinShark/dolphinsharks2.jpg DolphinShark/dolphinsharks1.jpg

Falling Grecian Pillars

A mural painted on a stretched canvas for a client's living room. Then shadows were painted on the wall.    Size:  9'x7'

FallingPillars/fallinggrecianpillars-2.jpg FallingPillars/fallinggrecianpillars-1.jpg

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